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How to choose machining center, high-speed milling, CNC engraving machine?


What is the difference between machining center, high-speed milling, and CNC engraving machine? What kind of equipment should I buy? As a user, of course, you must choose the right equipment. Let's talk about the difference between the three.

1. Machining Center

Machining centers are often called computer gongs in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Guangdong. The spindle speed is about 0~10000RPM, which is used to complete the processing equipment of larger milling workpieces. The structure of the machining center machine tool determines that the flexibility is not good, and it is powerless for small parts and rapid feed. It is widely used in mold core processing in the mold industry. For most precision corners, EDM is needed to clean the corners or trim the size in place.

2. High Speed Milling

Compared with machining centers, the moving speed and feed speed of high-speed milling machine tools are faster than those of machining centers. The spindle speed is about 30,000 RPM. The processing and response speed of the CNC system is significantly better than that of machining centers. Therefore, small diameter milling cutters, high speed, The cutting process with small cycle feeds greatly improves the production efficiency and machining accuracy. At the same time, due to the low milling force, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is reduced, the milling depth is small, and the feed is faster, so the processed surface roughness is small. It integrates most of the precision mold processing and the processing of high-precision copper and graphite electrodes. In mold processing, high-speed milling can process 60HRC hardened steel parts. Therefore, high-speed milling allows cutting after heat treatment, reducing the workload of EDM.

3. CNC engraving machine

CNC engraving machine has part of the connotation of high-speed milling machine, the spindle speed can reach about 30,000RPM, but the spindle power is much smaller than the machining center. The high spindle speed is suitable for the processing of small tools, and the torque is relatively small. It focuses on the "engraving" function and is not suitable for strong cutting. For soft metals, it can be processed at high speed and can be processed in fine detail. The processing accuracy is high. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for heavy cutting due to its poor rigidity. Because it focuses on small parts, the volume of the machine tool is much smaller than that of the machining center and high-speed milling. It is widely used in the processing of copper electrodes in the mold industry, batch processing of aluminum products, and wooden model processing.



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