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How can perfect metal processing without a high-gloss machine?


In daily life, we often wonder why some metal objects are shiny and look very high-end and beautiful, such as computer keyboards, mobile phone frame buttons, mobile phone shells, etc. Actually, they are carefully crafted through multiple processes. The highlight machine in the CNC machine tool is indispensable.

So where is the sacred machine? The high-gloss machine is named according to the characteristics of its processed products. Its shape is similar to an engraving machine (or a precision engraving machine). The main shaft is an air-floating main shaft of 100000RPM. When the product is processed, it achieves a mirror effect and no knife lines are visible. It also has many aliases, such as chamfering machine, brightening machine, chamfering high-gloss machine, etc. It has higher technical requirements, and the requirements for accessories are much higher than those of ordinary engraving machines.



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